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Property, Home & House Inspection Testimonials

Hi Scott,
Thanks again for doing the house inspection for us.  Looks like you did a very thorough house inspection at a reasonable price.  I’ll definitely be calling you again and recommend you to others.  I’ll be going over the report with Terrie today.  If we have any questions, we’ll give you a call.
Mike Koonce

So glad you got the inspection for Bayard and Sapphire! I know both Marianne and her clients were pleased with your work!
Darlene Allen

You are way too good. Thanks for your patience and professionalism. I look forward to working with you ALOT in the future. Next time I promise we will not have to pop the hinges !!!!

Instead of buying you a beer I will buy you a coffee ... maybe two. I enjoyed working with you and feel very comfortable not only endorsing but referring. Let's talk about how you might team up with a Termite company for coordinated inspections. Agents would love that time save.
George Gilman

We wanted to thank you for such a thorow report. We are so greatful for you finding all of the problems you found. We had no idea so many things  were needing serious attention. Gabino also told us you gave us a break on your price, so we also wanted to thank you for that.

We were in escow once before and it's amazing how the quality of a house inspection can vary so much. Your report was perfect, and thank you.
Eric and Trisha Rutherford