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Infrared technology has been around for decades and is becoming more and more useful as the technology evolves. Infrared cameras detect heat radiation and are a helpful tool in locating heat signatures from possible water leaks and overheating in areas not visible to the naked eye. Water leaks, overheating in electric panels, light switches and outlets and functionality of heating equipment are just a few areas where Infrared cameras can be useful.


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In order to fully understand what the infrared images are revealing the Thermographer needs to be properly trained in how to use his or her camera. As our chief inspector Mr. Loska has a Levell II certification from the Infraspection Institute in Burlington NJ. and has been performing IR inspections since 2013.

If we use an IR camera to investigate evidence of a possible issue during the course of a standard home inspection then there is no charge for that service. If a whole house scan is requested or any inspection procedure is performed outside of a standard home inspection then there will be an additional charge for the use of the camera. These charges are priced on a case by case basis and the clients will be informed prior to the IR scan of the amount and may choose to accept or decline the service.