Home & Commercial Property Inspection Testimonials

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  • Jennifer D.

    I’m fairly old school when it comes to business and service in my life. I would rather you look me in the eye, shake my hand and give me your word when striking a business deal. Unfortunately, this day in age I would not get very far if I were to conduct business in that manner. Needless to say the virtues of integrity, honesty, diligence and knowledge are very important to me when seeking business partners and clients alike.
    I talk about this to give some perspective into my standards and expectations when working with people in a professional capacity. I expect A LOT and when it comes to property inspections for clients who are making the single largest investment of their lives–I expect even more. Scott Loska of Loska Property Inspections has continuously exceeded my expectations from the time I started working with him 4 years ago.
    Scott is the consummate professional and takes his work very seriously. As someone who is a key component of a home-buyer’s due diligence, his work and recommendations are extremely important. His knowledge and insight are second to none and he is happy to answer any questions and explain anything to nervous home buyers until they feel comfortable that they understand the situation. Scott has saved a number of our clients from making home purchases that they surely would have regretted later down the road. He is honest and forthright and he is able to do the unthinkable–make a property inspection fun!
    All in all, Scott is a true gem who takes his time and does his job the only way he knows how–the right way! It is for this reason that I entrust all of my home buyers with his expertise. If you are looking for a reputable property inspector, Scott Loska is the first and last phone call you should make. Experienced, knowledgeable, honest, reliable and a really cool guy…..you can’t beat that combination.

  • Anshuman B.

    Scott is extraordinarily thorough and meticulous in the way he conducts an inspection. He is like a robot in his testing of each and every functional aspect of the house. His expertise and experience in construction clearly pays off. I was wondering whether it was really going to end up being worth it to get a property inspection on our new construction home. Scott found several things that I would never have noticed, but were definitely significant and required repair prior to close of escrow. His report was very thorough and he was also gladly available to answer questions afterwards. Highly recommend him.

  • Jacob H.

    Scott is excellent at what he does! Not only did he provide a competitive price, but he was very thorough in his analysis while providing a same day report. Furthermore, he gave his honest assessment about the condition of the home my wife and I were looking to purchase. This assessment led to further inspection from an engineer and saved us from buying a home that would have been a money pit. I’d highly recommend Loska Property Inspections and will use him for any future home inspections.

  • Michelle S.

    I have been using Scott for my client’s inspections for over a year now and he is just fantastic! He is very thourough, reliable, knowledgable, patient and friendly. I highly recommend him and wouldn’t dream of using someone else!

  • Gil K.

    As a realtor I need dependable and thorough home inspectors to refer to my clients. Scott is always available to answer my buyers questions regarding any concerns they have with the condition of the home. His inspection reports are available the same day and have saved my clients thousands of dollars in repairs and/or credits from the seller.
    On a recent inspection he pointed out the major drainage and foundation issues even though professional foundation repairs were recently done. He recommended getting a foundation expert for a second opinion and upon further investigation the repairs were not done correctly.
    At another inspection he noticed what appeared to be only a minor sink leak and recommended a mold specialist. The specialist found there was indeed a huge mold issue and all the kitchen cabinets needed to be replaced. My client who had a severe mold allergy was extremely grateful. Scott’s findings and recommendations have helped my clients get the facts they need to make important decisions in their home purchase. I highly recommend Scott Loska for your home inspections.

  • Brett R.

    Scott Loska was incredibly thorough and did did not miss anything during our recent home inspection. There were no details overlooked and he spent over three hours on a 1400 square foot home. The report I received a few hours after completion was more detailed than I could believe, including pictures with descriptions that corrolate to each listed imperfection. I was present for the entire inspection to personally watch Scott and he was a pleasure to spend a few hours with. He was willing to explain his findings while he worked and after the inspection he went over his report to ensure it was understood by my wife and I.

  • Kitt W.

    My husband and I are purchasing a home in Coronado and have had the pleasure of dealing with Scott Loska as our property inspector prior to purchase. Scott was exceedingly thorough and scrupulously ethical in identifying areas of concern. He answered all of our questions and helped us understand how to operate the appliances. We feel very comfortable that our new home will be safe from foreseeable problems since Scott showed them to us. Moreover, Scott gave us a complete report with photographs of the problem areas within a couple of hours of the inspection. We recommend Scott to you without reservation.

  • Frank B.

    Scott prepared a very thorough review of our 2,300 sf house. What was even more impressive was his help in having some problems resolved that appeared after the inspection. This saved us a lot of trouble. I would highly recommend him.

  • Rosemary D. Berlin, Germany

    As a long time real estate broker, I refer Scot to my buyers all the time. I always refer 3 inspectors and let my client choose. Typically they choose Scott. The reason must be that he is so responsive and communicates so clearly. Maybe that is due to the time he spent in the military. What I appreciate is how thorough he is, his state of the art inspection tools, and the way he puts his findings in context. This allows my clients to easily prioritize what to make an issue of and what to take care of later. Scott is the best!

  • Meghan B. Boulder, CO

    As a realtor, it is my pleasure to recommend Scott with the utmost confidence. Scott exceeds expectations routinely for buyers, sellers and their realtors. Scott has performed physical inspections on behalf of my clients since 2006, and every client has been 100% pleased. He remains as professional, thorough, knowledgable, experienced, punctual, dedicated, personable and reasonable as anyone I’ve worked with in the industry. He combines a very thorough inspection with an understanding and knowledge of a home’s period detail and potential, thus providing the most accurate recommendations specific to the subject property.